Credit Management


CASH IS KING, but with the rapidly changing landscape that we operate in, cash will become even more important. The average amount of time bills were paid after the agreed date, known as days beyond terms (DBT) is increasing in all business.

What does this mean for the business owner? There is less money being paid, so keep an eye on your debtors and chase your debts hard. However, this is often an area which is avoided by many business owners, which can have devastating consequences.

This is one area of business that should not be left to chance and Vertex Accounting Services  Co WLL will make sure that it’s not, by:

  • Updating and reconciling your Sales and Accounts Receivables
  • Reviewing your credit terms
  • Producing an aged receivables report, to give an insight into monies which are overdue
  • Sending out letters to outstanding debtors
  • Chasing payments and posting payments
  • Providing recommendations to clients when legal enforcement is necessary
  • Providing up-to-date details on the situation

To help business owners of all sizes, Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL has introduced a new fixed fee credit control service.

Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL is already revolutionizing the bookkeeping industry and are now offering a number of innovative credit control solutions that complement Vertex Accounting Services  Co WLL current portfolio of services.

By offering a virtual credit control function, small businesses and medium business can avoid the costly hassles of employing a credit controller in-house, or passing the function to an untrained member of staff and can quickly and easily instruct Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL to collect outstanding invoices. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch your clients pay promptly and your cash-flow drastically improve.



Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL virtual service includes weekly status reports, dispute notification and access to credit management advice whenever you need it.

Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL also offers be spoke company reports allowing you to check the financial health of your customers, competitors and suppliers and reduce your future exposure to bad debt and effectively safeguard the future profitability of your business.

You can have access to your very own experienced credit controller who will assist you ‘virtually’ with all your credit control needs. Every one of our team members is thoroughly trained and meticulously managed by an industry expert to ensure that their skills are up to date and you are provided with the best possible credit control service.

Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL offers a number of highly affordable complete credit control packages and we even offer you the chance to “Build your own” credit control function to ensure that our service exceeds your needs but remains firmly within your budget.

Think of us as an extension of your business, Vertex Accounting Services Co WLL Credit Control service is a flexible resource that is here to improve your cash-flow and aid your business growth.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.